Shan-Jang Rubber Co., Ltd.--Rubber sleeves, silicone rubber, rubber rings, rubber rollers, bridle rollers etc.

With decades of accumulated experience and know-how in its industry, Shan-Jang Rubber Co., Ltd. is a versatile maker of a large variety of rubber and silicon rubber products for automotive and other industrial applications.

The company supplies a wide range of products, especially rubber sleeves, silicone rubber, rubber rings, rubber rollers, bridle rollers, rubber products, belt rollers, pulleys, conveyor rollers, tension bridle rollers, rubber washers, steel rollers, rubber mats, and NBR mats.

Shan-Jang operates two factories, one at its headquarters in Taiwan and the other across the Taiwan Strait in Xiamen, Fujian Province. To assure the best quality of its products, the company uses high-end automated equipment in manufacturing and processing, including computerized automatic injection-molding machines, rubber-lathes, rubber-roughness gauges, PU injectors, and rubber-dynamic balancing machines imported from industrially advanced countries.

The firm stresses that it welcomes customer inquiries and is fully confident that its expertise in materials formulation, production, and processing enable it to supply the most satisfactory products and services.